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Making a List and checking it twice!!

Making a holiday gift list, a to-do-list, and whatever you have just promised to do for the school, friend or work is very important. It really is a great thing to do for yourself. It doesn't cost you anything but, the time to wright an idea/or thing down. It dosen't have to be fancy. Whether you use old-fashion pen and paper or the coolest and latest digi apps, just take that moment and give yourself a daily gift of piece of mind. grin!


My favorite bit is when you find a great gift, wright it down, price, for whom, and where you found it. That just took a moment and thats all it cost you, a moment. Now, no matter the cost, you can shop the ads on-line and in the stores, plus look for coupons. And if not this holiday, then for some other gift giving reason in the future. You will have an idea for that special someone and a starting place to go from.


Here is one example, I mostly have boys/men(s) to buy for, there are only two little girls in my life. Through out the year, as I run across ideas from other moms, little girls themself or the ever present marketing media; I write those ideas down and look for sales/coupons, etc. One of my little ladies LOVES American Girl dolls. After Christmas, I looked for sales and discontinued items that match the dolls they have. So when a tent for one of the dolls was being discontinued, plus marked down at 50% I grabbed it. Called mom and said Santa Shari had scored and to mark that off the list.


Then, when you check that list of to-dos against your home calendar and you have over booked/doubled booked Do not FEELBAD about contacting those folks and asking how you can change whatever it is to fit into to your schedule to be able to help. Or that you will be able to help next time and simply cannot participate at this time. IT IS OK to say NO as well.


This approach has saved me money and time when it comes to gift giving, plus my to-do list during the holidays doesn't do me in!  Don't forget to save some time for yourself to decompress, catch your breath and make sure you have all your marbles. Good luck and much success.


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