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Recylced license plates

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We had the most wonderful opportunity to cruise up the east coast & then into Canada chasing the changing colours of the leaves. You know there were many and several photos taken. Since it was a once in a life-time trip, I wanted to showcase these memories in a little different manner. On one of my trips ashore I located a really cool little junk shop. The shop was in Quebec, out side of Montreal. The license plates just called my name. They have nicely spaced holes for binding, a great size, not to mention personality! With a little layering I was able to fit several pictures on each page. I found an easel just the right size to hold this mini album on my entry table. So, don't forget to locate a junk store on your next trip, you too might find a great treasure to hold your special memories. Like an old suitcase or cigar box!!

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1. Kathy Wittlock | January 28, 2011 at 09:18 PM EST

Thats so neat! We took a trip to Alaska a few years ago- on the the way made a stop at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake

I had forgot about all those photos till I saw your project.

I love junk, I have a box of somedays to do!

See you soon!

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