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Recylced license plates

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We had the most wonderful opportunity to cruise up the east coast & then into Canada chasing the changing colours of the leaves. You know there were many and several photos taken. Since it was a once in a life-time trip, I wanted to showcase these memories in a little different manner. On one of my trips ashore I located a really cool little junk shop. The shop was in Quebec, out side of Montreal. The license plates just called my name. They have nicely spaced holes for binding, a great size, not to mention personality! With a little layering I was able to fit several pictures on each page. I found an easel just the right size to hold this mini album on my entry table. So, don't forget to locate a junk store on your next trip, you too might find a great treasure to hold your special memories. Like an old suitcase or cigar box!!

One day registration to open for AFWP March crop

By popular demand one day registrations will be available for the Arty Farty Weekend Party in March. Registrations will open later this week. We are very excited to be able to offer this option. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Finally Back in the Studio

It has been way too long since I have been up and about. A terrible yucky never ending flu bug camped out with the Miller clan. No fun there. So have been working on the make N takes for the Arty Farty Weekend Party event. Oh My Crafts! one of the sponsors have sent some awesome embossing machines for door prizes!! Love cool scrapbooking tools and love Oh My Crafts! Check out the super sales going on now. 

Charming Bits & Baubles Necklace






Recent project - Charming Bits & Baubles Necklace. Can you see where I have raided the tool box. grin.

Seats still available for the Arty Farty Weekend Party, click





12 days of Christmas Tags by Tim Holtz



If you love techinques, Ranger products, need some inspiration or just looking for a pick me up. Goto Tim's Blog and checkout these wonderful tags and instructions. A great way to spend the day! Crafting with new ideas that may launch a gift project for that special someone that you haven't found just the right thing for. Snuggle up with your favorite beverage in your craft area and have fun.


I am off the check out my two new Cricut Carts. Nifty Fifities and Ornamental Iron - glass etching is coming to mind, as well as graffiti tee shirts.  Eric isn't too thrilled with the graffiti paint job that has taken place in the garage - grin, I think my floor is rather pretty.  I think I will paint first since he is still sleeping.  Splatter and spray with cricut cartridges.


Have a great day.

Making a List and checking it twice!!

Making a holiday gift list, a to-do-list, and whatever you have just promised to do for the school, friend or work is very important. It really is a great thing to do for yourself. It doesn't cost you anything but, the time to wright an idea/or thing down. It dosen't have to be fancy. Whether you use old-fashion pen and paper or the coolest and latest digi apps, just take that moment and give yourself a daily gift of piece of mind. grin!


My favorite bit is when you find a great gift, wright it down, price, for whom, and where you found it. That just took a moment and thats all it cost you, a moment. Now, no matter the cost, you can shop the ads on-line and in the stores, plus look for coupons. And if not this holiday, then for some other gift giving reason in the future. You will have an idea for that special someone and a starting place to go from.


Here is one example, I mostly have boys/men(s) to buy for, there are only two little girls in my life. Through out the year, as I run across ideas from other moms, little girls themself or the ever present marketing media; I write those ideas down and look for sales/coupons, etc. One of my little ladies LOVES American Girl dolls. After Christmas, I looked for sales and discontinued items that match the dolls they have. So when a tent for one of the dolls was being discontinued, plus marked down at 50% I grabbed it. Called mom and said Santa Shari had scored and to mark that off the list.


Then, when you check that list of to-dos against your home calendar and you have over booked/doubled booked Do not FEELBAD about contacting those folks and asking how you can change whatever it is to fit into to your schedule to be able to help. Or that you will be able to help next time and simply cannot participate at this time. IT IS OK to say NO as well.


This approach has saved me money and time when it comes to gift giving, plus my to-do list during the holidays doesn't do me in!  Don't forget to save some time for yourself to decompress, catch your breath and make sure you have all your marbles. Good luck and much success.


A Recipe For Perfect Holiday Memories




Decorate the Tree or lighting of the candles        (take pictures)

Holiday baking        (take pictures, mess & all)

Dress the family in holiday attire       (take pictures, favorite jammies, sports shirts during bowl games are a must)

Go to a family get together or family traditional outing        (take pictures)

Open some presents       (take pictures)

Christmas Morning, Hanukkah        (take pictures)

Church celebrations       (children's play, choir, take pictures)

Just because, let your imagination shine       (take pictures)



Directions: Develop film and/or download promptly, LABEL and SORT. It doesn't matter if you print everything or digi, document, document! Online or on paper, add plenty of journaling - those moments & jokes will run away with the wind. Write it down somewhere. Locate embellishment (your stash or purchase) place into folder/envelope/box with a note what they will be used with or what project idea you have for them and date it! Then when you have made that date with yourself to scrap and create, you can do so with style and ease, no headaches here. Just reliving the special moments with family & friends.

Halloween Weekend

Wow, it is time again for tricks & treats!  Are you ready for all those trick 'O treaters? I buy or make little bags and load the candy in to the bags. It makes it really easy to hand out the goodies to a large crowd of kids. For the younger ones, I keep a bowl of mini crayons, coloring sheets, and glow in the dark bracelets. The moms & pops like those kind of goodies alot.  Be safe and have fun.

Work in progress

I know the the colors are terrible on the blog site. It is a work in progress. Shortly there will be a gallery and updates. Yeah! I have some great news to share in my next blog about the Arty Farty Weekend Party from Colleen Schaan!! Stay tune.

Discovering Possiblities

All I can say is WOW, wish you were here! OH My Crafts!, Provo Craft, Basic Grey, and Bazzill Paper Co. have treated us to an amazing day. Sue Helfrich from Provo Craft brought the Cricut Imagine and we made lots of cards and a cute Owl box. And Oh, not to mention - a HUGH THANK YOU to Provo Craft for the very generous gift of 3(Yes 3) Cricut Cartiridges!  Then Basic Grey introduces us to their Autumn Splendor Pyrus card kit, and we made LOTS o' cards. Mr. & Ms. "Bazzill" and the lovely Ms. Joey Otlo wow'ed us with a Discover Bazzill's Heritage collection. We cropped and had hands on time with the Cricut Imagine. So from 7am until midnight we had a jammed pack day. Looking forward to another day with the glittery southern girls and our new friends.



Register Now for the Arty Farty Weekend Party!

I am so excited, the time has come!  Registration is now open for the big Arty Farty Weekend Party, scrapping and stamping party event!  

Click here:

What a week!

No wonder people try and get out of filing any kind of paperwork with the government. There is no where in plain, I mean plain straight forward english you can go and get answers. Even the employees of the government, (right across the hall, same building, both dept. of Revenue) are not aware that they are in the same building.  Filed paperwork at one place, told to drive uptown, arrived and was informed that I needed to go back to the building I had just come from to complete my filings with the govt. Oh my head hurts. Anyway, I did finally come in contact with two lovely ladies, whom were really great. Glad I was not in any trouble with the govt. All I can say is read, read, read, but finding out exactly what some of the meaning of the terms are.....just be prepared to wait on hold for a long time & have not so nice people pretend to help. My luck, I found two nice ladies to keep me on track and out of future trouble with the establishment!

American Girl Event

American Girl Fans, at all your local (US) Michael's stores there is a Make & Take from 10am - 2pm today. Its a party, doll size. The girls will get to make party items for their dolls. So, if you know someone who has an American girl doll please take them to this free event. Don't forget your cameras.


Arty Farty Weekend Party Planning

Even though I have been in the studio, I have not been creating in the normal sense. I have been working on the back of house STUFF that goes into hosting a party. In fact, I am hosting the Arty Farty Weekend Party in March, 2011. Have the location. Can you say FINALLY, there will be an art retreat for scrapbookers, stampers and all you up and coming mixed media artist that is located in the south. Oh yes, in Birmingham, AL. I am close to going live with all the details. If you are looking to find the time to be creative, meet, mingle, and reconnect with your inner muse. This is the event for you. I am looking forward to partying with all my creative friends.

No art today - party planning!

Holy Moly, all day in the studio. Sounds like fun right? Not to day, on the computer, with all my wonderful art stash surrounding me. My hands are on the keyboard and not designing, creating - I am missing all that glitter on my face! It has been for a good, may I say great cause. I have been working on back of the house partying goodness. For the Arty Farty Weekend Party. More to come shortly. Back to the keyboard, with a wave to the paint brushes.

Colin - A Senior??

Can my baby really be starting his senior year of college?  Say it ain't so, Joe!

The good news is that he has decided to spend his entire summer scrapping, stamping and blogging with me!  Yee Haw!

Okay, just kidding.  He'll be keeping his nose to the grindstone with summer school at Alabama.  Roll Tide! 

Gearing Up!

Lots of activity coming up soon!  

  • Looks like I'll be hosting the Oh My Crafts! bus tour on Monday, May 24, in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama!  Finally, a crafting event for those of deprived in Sweet Home Alabama.  Stay tuned for class schedules and more info!
  • Getting geared up too for the Craft Hobby Association (CHA) trade show in Chicago in July.  Can't wait to visit my old stomping ground and get dialed into cutting edge crafting developments!
  • Working on updating and refreshing this website to enable galleries, tools and better blogging. 

More to come!



Copic Certification YEAH!

The big event is finally here. This weekend in SC I will participate in a Copic Cert. program. I am VERY happy and excited about this event.  Haven't heard of COPIC Markers? So much fun about to happen to you....

Hello world!

This is my first post -- but I am sure there will be many more to come!  Happy holidays!