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What a week!

No wonder people try and get out of filing any kind of paperwork with the government. There is no where in plain, I mean plain straight forward english you can go and get answers. Even the employees of the government, (right across the hall, same building, both dept. of Revenue) are not aware that they are in the same building.  Filed paperwork at one place, told to drive uptown, arrived and was informed that I needed to go back to the building I had just come from to complete my filings with the govt. Oh my head hurts. Anyway, I did finally come in contact with two lovely ladies, whom were really great. Glad I was not in any trouble with the govt. All I can say is read, read, read, but finding out exactly what some of the meaning of the terms are.....just be prepared to wait on hold for a long time & have not so nice people pretend to help. My luck, I found two nice ladies to keep me on track and out of future trouble with the establishment!

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